Saying YES to our Community

Bridgewood Church aims to bring new opportunities and services to the local community
Located in the heart of Savage, the mission of Bridgewood Church is to create a ripple effect in our community – a ripple that will spread Christ’s love and aid in the restoration of our broken world. ”We believe our church is placed in this region, this state, and this country to make a transformational shift for the Kingdom of Heaven.” To this end, Bridgewood opens its doors to Alcoholics Anonymous, Boy Scouts, Native Strong, Treehouse, YoungLife and countless other organizations that share in Bridgewood’s mission for making an impact within the community. And
we’d like to open our doors to so many others.

Unfortunately, Bridgewood gets calls every day for use of our facility that we need to turn down. Our 13,000 square foot facility is just not designed to host multiple events at the same time. Nor is it designed to host large conferences and networking events.


From the Building Expansion Steering Team, Project Managers, and Lead Team:

Our excitement and need continues for a new expansion of our facility. We are in the process of evaluating costs and funding potentials. We will not be asking for congregation involvement in fundraising until we have a solid understanding of cost and feasibility. Please continue to pray!

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