Expanding our building has been part of Bridgewood’s vision for the past several years. It has changed in scope and specifics over time, but we believe that God has given us a realistic and visionary plan where we benefit as a church, while expanding our influence in the community and even across the nation.

It is our goal to raise $3.0 million to expand our current building We are looking to raise funds through contributions from our church members and community contributions.

Expansion Highlights

-12,000 ft2 addition – nearly doubling our existing 15,000 ft2 facility
-Worship Center to seat 450 people
-Additional children and adult classrooms
-A welcoming concourse
-Renovation of current kitchen and sanctuary


Total Cost
$3.0 million
(includes expansion, renovation, current loan)
Fundraising Goal = $2.0 million ($400,000 raised to date)
Loan= $600K

Who Wins with Our Bridgewood Expansion?

Saying Yes to our Community

With this new facility, Bridgewood Church looks forward to saying yes to requests from Business Networking International, school co-ops, international churches, study groups, and numerous other community organizations who need a place to meet.

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